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- Anne Lamott

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing Goal Rewards

This week's Road Trip Wednesday is almost freakishly timed. YA Highway asked:
How do you reward yourself when you meet your writing goals? Answer for big goals and/or small goals.
       The reason why I say this is so freakily timed, is because I finally wrote The Big Ending today! Once I was done I thought, "Time to celebrate!" But found myself not really knowing how. I suppose that it's wasn't such a HUGE deal because I still have those damn 2-3 chapters in the middle to write that I initially skipped over to begin the ending not too long ago. 
       I'm sure I've said this before. I think it's important to let yourself write things that keep coming back to you, even if it's not in order. I believe that you keep thinking about That Scene for a reason! So you should get it out! This idea/personal writing rule of mine has sort of come back to bite me in the ass however, because today I wanted very much to cheer "I'M DONE! MY FIRST DRAFT IS DONE!" as I took a lap around my house, pumping my fists in the air while the Rocky soundtrack played in the background -- but I could not. Because of the rule I let myself follow, I am still not yet done. It's a strange thing to write THE END when you still feel that it is not, in fact, the end. So strange.
       However, how I feel right now still doesn't make me want to change my standpoint on that rule. I still think it's important to let yourself write scenes that really jump out at you.
       Anywho, back to the topic at hand. The weirdness I'm feeling right now should not detract from celebrating achievement of my goal to push through that 5k today to get those final two chapters DONE. My WIP class is going to be very proud of me this weekend. *beams* *clears space on paper for gold star* I've had a bit of a writing drought these past few weeks so even a few hundred a day has been good (when my norm used to be 2.5k a day). I thought setting a goal this week to finish those chapters was maybe even a bit too ambitious of me, but I was feeling pretty determined. :)
       So, how did I celebrate the accomplishment of meeting this weeks goal? I ate a cookie. What can I say? Positive reinforcement, it works!
       Oh, and I logged on here to write this. Celebratory blog writing! Wahoo!
       To celebrate my long term goal of actually publishing a damn novel (which may never happen, but hey, that's the dream) I'll most likely get the ISBN numbers tattooed on me somewhere. I'd thought a lot about maybe getting "scribo ut vivam" tattooed at some point, so I could possibly get the two done together. Maybe put the numbers right under the phrase? That'd be kind of nice. Maybe on my left wrist? We'll see. Someday. Hopefully.
       Normally this is the point of the post in which I quickly update on how the writing went this week, but it seems as though I have already done that!
       In my WIP class news I read a Very Important Scene this past Sunday and was more relieved than you can imagine when it got all the positive feedback it did. I didn't read an action scene for once! I read a conversational scene in which a lot of important information is divulged and the main driving force behind the trilogy is revealed. I was ecstatic to hear how much they loved what I'd come up with! If they didn't like the ideas/information in that particular scene, the whole trilogy would have been shot. *whew!*
       In other random news, (but not so random because I just talked about tattoos) I promised to post a picture of the Shakespeare tattoo I got last week once it healed a bit more. Here it is! If you missed the post last week, I got this quote in particular because I read it when I was just starting out high school and it really stuck with me. It's probably the one thing I live by more than anything else. Always be true to yourself. Don't ever let anyone change you into something you're not. As everyone knows, high school is That Time that shapes you very much into the person you will be in life. This is something I repeated to myself time and time again throughout those four years. You're always going to have people coming at you from all sides in life (especially in school during those detrimental years) and the most important thing to remember is to just stick to your guns and not let anybody sway you! Oh, and if you were wondering, this quote is from Hamlet, said by Polonius to his son, Laertes, before he heads off to school.
I guess that's all for now. :)

Happy writing,